Don’t just take our word for it…

Terrance Hedrick

"This app is very well thought out. So much so that I paid the slighly hefty fee to get the pro version. In the event of an emergency, medical personnel can access my pertinent medical info. The app developer was very responsive in fixing a bug I found."


"It does everything I need it to. I'm on a lot of medications so it's good for any emergency responder to know. It's funny, I use the medication list when I go to doctors to help me remember all of them. I also like that I can add emergency contacts and blood type. It's pretty easy and lets you customize lock screen actions."

Linda Coffman

"As a cancer survivor with medications and a medical history this is an excellent app. I have a list of all my important medical info with me at all times. I love that it will also send out a call to 911 and text my adult children that I am having a medical emergency."

Nancy Botello

"Has saved my life many times! I have epilepsy and a genetic disease which causes me to be at risk for strokes mong other things. The paramedics always have an easy time getting my medical history and info with this app. I love the fact that I can add multiple profiles."

Matti White

"Today it saved me! I had an epileptic fit whilst out, and because of this app the people around me were able to contact my next of kin, realise what was happening AND get me the appropriate care! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Mary Ayala

"Having all your medical info available to first responders in an emergency, even if your screen is locked, is a great idea. The app will send a text to your emergency contacts, too. Very easy to use."